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Not Of This Earth or N.O.T.E. Seeds is a seeds company that was created to help in the development of medicinal grade strains that are available to help alleviate all types of medical ailments.  We are also dedicated on providing a place to help educate you on the differences between each strain and how they can be utilized to help alleviate some medical conditions. We are only now beginning to fully understand the medical benefits of marijuana in the medical sector. We have a wide variety of marijuana seeds (cannabis seeds) for indoor, outdoor or greenhouse marijuana growing. 

Best Seed Company in Colorado

We stock seeds of superior quality, from superior strains and offer a selection solely developed for medical users. We test our marijuana seeds often for germination rates to ensure maximum yields. We are one of the top seeds companies in Colorado. We have all types of marijuana seeds for sale so please check back often for new strains and freebies. We also have a wide variety of organic seeds options also so please Contact Us with any questions. We have the best medical selection of all other seed companies in Colorado.

Other Seed Companies can’t compete with our Organic Seeds

No need for a medical Marijuana card

Whether you have a medical marijuana card or not feel comfortable purchasing our products securely from our website.